7 Cost-Cutting Ideas for a Budget-Friendly Wedding

wedding on a budget

Do you really need to apply for a wedding loan to pull off a beautiful wedding? The answer could be no. Without a doubt, planning for your upcoming wedding is the most exciting time in anyone’s life. However, this excitement may dim a little when you look at your finances and realise that you’re in need of some budget-friendly tips to cut back on the costs to save some cash.

After all, your wedding is just the start of your married life. More than ever, it is important that you start your life as a couple not financially burdened with debt.

Here are 7 cost-cutting, proven ideas to pull off a budget-friendly, but beautiful wedding:

Host at Home

Throwing a wedding party at the fanciest hotel might be a trend in your area, but it is growing in popularity. Getting married in your family home can be a beautiful and more intimate way to celebrate your union as a couple. Bringing together both families and your friends in this personal environment is casual, friendly and welcoming. Many couples choose to be married in a house of worship. This way, you can still have the ceremony where you want and invite guests back to your house for the wedding banquet.

Do-It-Yourself Projects

Invitations, napkins, place cards, ceremony programs and the likes are all little details that many couples want to include, but they can actually end up costing you quite a bit of money. Visit your local craft shop not only to gain inspiration, but also to check out DIY kits. When you opt to make some of these fun features yourself, you save a lot on having to spend money to hire a professional to do it. This is where Pinterest comes into its own. And where you’ll waste days, even weeks of time browsing for ideas.

Use Nature’s Beauty

Placing floral arrangements on the tables and creating a nature-infused background can help you feel as though you’re spending time in the natural environment. However, instead of using this “fake nature” to decorate the reception space, consider actually hosting some or all of the day’s events outdoors. By doing so, you can rejoice in all that the earth has to offer, without you spending a big amount to do so.

Family Heirlooms

A lot of the cost of putting on a wedding is spent on a handful of things: the wedding dress, the venue, and the other details for the bride-to-be and her entourage to look their best. Trying on dresses and selecting the perfect pieces of jewellery might be great fun, but you can still be the most beautiful bride if you consider wearing family heirlooms on your big day.

Perhaps your grandmother passed a bracelet down through the generations, or maybe your mother has a wedding gown that you can have it altered – these are potentially huge savings! Even if you want to purchase your own dress and veil, consider borrowing some of the smaller details from loved ones.

Trim Down the Guest List

Although you might want to invite every relative, friends and colleagues, doing so isn’t realistic and will cost you a lot of money. The price per plate is one of the biggest expenses associated with a wedding, so you want to cut it down when you can. Think about whom you really want to invite and who you are closest to. If you receive “no” responses, then you can start inviting other people to your special day.

Choose an “Off” Day

Not surprisingly, many couples would want to get married on Saturday nights during the warmer months, so these days and times are usually the most expensive. A Friday evening wedding in the late autumn can save you a lot of money. Think about what is reasonable and consider if you’re really even losing anything if you change the day of your wedding.

Slim Down on Extra Events

One of the things to consider if you want save money on your wedding budget is to take into account whether you really need to have an engagement party or host an elaborate rehearsal dinner. Simply getting the parents together when you got engaged and having a small meal after the wedding rehearsals will help trim down your budget concerns.

Even if you really pare back on your wedding, it’s still not going to be cheap. Add on the expense of a honeymoon, moving house, buying said house, furnishing it, etc. and all of a sudden you have a financial conundrum. If you are looking into financing your big day, wedding loans (Clydesdale Bank have some deals worth looking into) could be what you need.

The key here is to lock in an interest rate for as cheap as possible for as long as possible, and pay it off inside that time (or earlier). Don’t be reckless about it if the bank offers you more than you really need: you’ll still have to pay it back. Those decadent balloon arches you didn’t really need and nobody seemed to notice could come back to haunt you!