How to Find the Best Honeymoon Deals?


You might be so busy with the wedding plans that you leave the details of the honeymoon until the last minute. Or perhaps you’re pouring so much money into the ceremony and reception that you think there won’t be enough left over to fly off to some exotic locale with your new spouse.

While the honeymoon can certainly turn into a pricey affair, you might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of inexpensive ways to have the vacation you’ve been dreaming of with the person of your dreams. All you have to do is search for deals. So here are just a few ways that you can engineer to have the wedding AND the honeymoon, while still sticking to your budget.

Look early and often. Online prices for travel and lodgings fluctuate throughout the year, so it would behoove you to start the planning process early. But don’t just take the first tickets you stumble across. By checking back over several weeks (or even months) you stand to see the prices go down and save a lot of money in the process. Sign on for updates and deals and then wait for special sales to get the travel you want (although maybe not the exact dates you want) at a fraction of the cost.

Comparison shop online. You not only need to give yourself time to nab the best prices; you also need to make sure that you’re comparing airlines. There are several sites that offer this useful feature for travelers seeking discount prices, but one of the best is Kayak. And don’t forget Priceline, which allows you to offer bids that are within your price range.

Talk to a travel agent. You might think that a travel agent will end up costing you a lot more than planning on your own and you could be right. But consider two things before you swear off professionals: first, they have established connections in the industry that allow them to uncover deals the public never sees and second, they’ll handle all the details for you, leaving you free to focus on your big day.

That said, you could end up paying the same amount of money to do all the work on your own as you would for the travel agent (when you factor in their fee minus whatever they’re saving you on rates). So at the very least, it’s bears consideration.

Location, location, location. Some of the best (and least expensive) destinations could be places you’ve never heard of that are just as good as the popular honeymoon hotspots. But how can you find them? Magazines, e-zines, and other travel publications have backlogs of articles focused on those Xs on the map that don’t seem to be on anyone’s radar just yet.

So unless you’re looking for spring break in Cancun, complete with thumping club music and a drunken crowd of rowdies (not likely on your honeymoon), perhaps you would prefer a secluded tropical island that has yet to be developed as a tourist locale (with all the attendant costs).

Stay close to home. One easy way to get discounted travel is to avoid going very far. There may not be any exotic islands near your hometown, but there are likely tourist attractions, amazing spas, and scenic vistas within driving distance. What you save on travel can be spent on extras like day-trips, massages, and candlelit dinners that will make your honeymoon even more memorable.