Quick Wedding Weight Loss

wedding loss

It’s finally happened. You got the ring. You got the dress. You just need to slim down to your goal weight and you’re frantically running out of time. You’ve read a few methods off the internet but you’re hesitant. Is any of this stuff safe? Turns out that’s an excellent question.

There are probably more wedding diet plans than there are brides to be out there. Every one of them is different from the extreme to the conventional. It can be hard to gauge which one is for you, and even harder to gauge whether or not undergoing such weight loss methods are even healthy to begin with. With increasing stories of brides taking ephedrine diet pills and other dubious pharmaceutical concoctions the question keeps being asked.

In most cases a conventional exercise and diet based regimen is far and beyond the most sensible option. It’s time honored and scientifically backed. It has mostly nothing but positive side effects in addition to the weight loss, and you’re dealing with something that you have a very good notion of how your body will react.

Diet pills have a track record of being notoriously dangerous. In addition to messing with the regular functions of your body and actually tricking it to lose weight, you’re also putting questionably tested chemicals into your body, a lot of which might pull double duty for unintended effects that extend beyond the reach of weight loss. Feinting, vomiting and irritability are common side effects, and the last thing you need right before the wedding is any added stress. You’ll get plenty of that from your mother-in-law.

Then there are the more avant-garde diet methods. Atkins was hugely popular a decade ago, but fell out of favor due to increased risk of heart disease due to a combined heightened intake of both protein and fat, as well as a rapid decrease in body weight which was difficult for the heart the adjust to naturally, as well as the increased chance of kidney disease from the increased protein levels. The same is attributed with a lot of the theme diets, such as Slimfast or Jenny Craig. Initial quick weight loss may actually be the results of the loss of water and glycogen built up in cells as opposed to actually fat loss.

The less forceful methods seem to be a lot gentler on the body. Low fat diet and specific types of exercise can make great strides over time. Hiring a personal trainer is a great first step in to both cutting the weight and getting into the right mind set of being a proactive bride. The right trainer can help you get set up with both a daily exercise schedule as well as a basic nutritional guide to get your desired results.

The problem is a lot of brides aren’t willing to put the time in to get results, which of course begs the question of if you’re that frantic over the results then why take a shortcut when it comes to your body, your health, AND your wedding? You expect the caterer to get everything right, so why would you cheat yourself out of the best, easiest, and cheapest option for weight loss.

The truth of the matter is that it’s your wedding. Any weight that doesn’t want to go under the proper conditions is just not going to go. And that’s ok. You’ll be beautiful anyway. Learn to love yourself. Everyone else will follow suit.